Dealing With Stress And Violence In The Workplace Essay

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ABSTRACT Stress at the workplace is almost impossible to avoid. No matter what profession you are in there is sure to be some level of stress related to that job. Unhealthy or unproductive stress levels must be addressed in any organization in order for businesses continue running smoothly and for workers to remain productive. Too much stress can add up and compromise an individual’s ability to function properly. The Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CIS) Management tool is designed to help employees deal with high levels of stress. In this paper we will discuss the CIS and its effectiveness on the workplace. The FOH (Federal Occupational Health) defines a critical incident as “… a traumatic event or perceived event that has sufficient power to overwhelm an individual's ability to cope” (Critical Incident Stress Management,). The Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CIS) Management tool was developed to help individuals cope with exposure to traumatic events such as suicides and extreme violent events either natural or manmade. The process of dealing with the aftermath of a stressful event involves an intervention (as early as possible) by both professional and peer-support personnel trained to handle stressful situations. They are trained to use proven stress intervention techniques that include “debriefing”. The FOH defines debriefing as “…a process in which traumatized individuals are led through a series of steps to: discuss their experiences, to be supported and to learn coping strategies” (Critical Incident Stress Management,). It is their expectation that the debriefing process will help individuals improve their coping abilities and prevent the occurrence of developing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD). When an individual develops PSTD is it too late for the CIS to have any affect. That individual can no longer control his/her feelings and

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