Dealing With Physical, Mental, And Sexual Abuse As A Social Worker Essay

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History ...There were numerous factors that eventually led to the American Revolution. Some of the factors that ultimately led to the colonies' revolt against their mother country England were: the evolving independence of America as a result of England's neglect, America's desire to expand trade and England's attempt to limit it, America's subsequent defiance of England's regulations, and America's geographical distance from England. By the middle of the 1700s, America's population had drastically increased. The population grew at a staggering pace. There was a very high birthrate and an influx of new immigrants. These young colonists had been born and raised on American soil. Their ties to England were linked only through their heritage. They had no direct loyalty to England. Furthermore, these new immigrants were from all over the world. They emigrated from Denmark, Sweden, Germany, and Finland. These people had an even lesser connection to England. In 1689, William of Orange introduced England into the battle against France. England was consequently engulfed in war for roughly seventy years. Meanwhile America had begun to prosper independently. There was no "mother country" to regulate what was done in the colonies. For many years England simply neglected its colonies in America. This freedom from England allowed the colonists to evolve into a self-governing people, rather than a branch of the English Empire. American society prospered tremendously during England's period of neglect. The colonists set up many colleges, produced newspapers, and fashioned a well-rounded society. America began growing into an independent country. Along with its culture, America's economy also experienced incredible prosperity. In the colonies of Virginia and Carolina the tobacco industry flourished. They engaged in trade with England for

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