Dealing With Multiple Sclerosis

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Multiple Sclerosis is a disease that bewilders us all. There is no known cause. We do know that MS (multiple sclerosis) is a disease where the myelin breaks down and is replaced by scar tissue. The demyelination can slow down or block the flow of signals to and from the central nervous system to the rest of the body, impairing such functions as vision, strength, and coordination. While we do know what MS is we still don't know why, where and when people contract the disease. It has been proven that MS generally appears between the ages of twenty to forty and it strikes women at more than twice the ratio it strikes men. Statistics have also shown that the disease strikes the middle and upper class more than the lower class and poor. Worldwide…show more content…
This is the real test of love for most couples. This is when you should really take notice of what kind of problems you had before. Don't expect your partner to feel guilty. If the marriage was meant to work it will work. If you have MS your children have probably already figured out that something is wrong before you tell them. The best approach is to be honest with your children. With each knew attack there needs to be communication. Parents with MS should watch their children for any emotional difficulties they may be having. Keeping your friends should not be a problem. Good reins stick by your side through everything. Your friends should feel comfortable with you just as you should feel comfortable with them. With making new friends it should be just the same as you made them before. You should eventually tell them about MS but it can wait until both feel comfortable with talking about it. More often it is harder for someone with MS just to hang on to a job. Unfortunately it has little to do with their ability and more to do with discrimination. But today there are laws and regulations so know one with any disability should be fired or feel thy have to…show more content…
The reason these and many other activates are so popular is because its fun, its a hobby, receives stress and its exercise whereas riding a stationary bike is exercise but you don't hear to many people say its their hobby or its a fun pastime. TR (therapeutic recreation) comes into place with people with MS and other mental and physical disabilities because there is a need for them to fulfill their goals and expectations like everyone else. Since they have a special need a TR program or specialist can help them fulfill that need. People with MS should have the maximum participation with the fewest adaptations. Just like any other part of their life style they should develop a leisure lifestyle that is normal a possible. I think it is important for Ms patients to choose their own activates and set their own goals, within

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