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Deaf Culture I read an article on Cochlear Implants, and the question was should a deaf person be rejected from the deaf community. This is my views on this topic. I believe in unity, it has the quality of being united into one. The article had stated the “Deaf culture consists of the norms, beliefs, values, and mores shared by members of the Deaf community. They believe that it is fine to be Deaf. If given the chance to become hearing, most of them would choose to remain Deaf. The deaf tend to congregate around the kitchen table rather than the living room sofa because the lighting is better in the kitchen. Their good-byes take nearly forever, and hello's often consist of serious hugs. When two of them meet for the first time they tend to exchange detailed biographies and describe their social circles in considerable depth." (Burke) The Deaf community is a particular group of people who share a beautiful language: ASL (American Sign Language). It is measured by culture and attitude. They are a member of a vibrant group of people with their own culture, history, folklore and humor, which vibration and vision are the primary senses. (Burke) My opinion it just came to me, keep in mind, it's not an intention to defend the strong reaction from the deaf community on Cochlear but it is very possible that one small reason is due to cross-cultural conflict. As I have all already learned that that the deaf are a close-knit community, some deaf members are well known for their bluntness. It is possible that natural instinct led to some members to react too quickly, yet too strongly for hearing people. The hearing way is not used to this type of strong confrontation. It does not mean that the strong reaction of "rejection" is acceptable. I think, the deaf community could offer support to each other by having dialogues with them, discussing about the

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