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Niki Charles Barbara Northup Deaf Culture Reaction Paper 2 Campus Tour As a class project, we toured the campus of our local school for the Deaf. We were thrilled to meet deaf individuals in any environment, but were exclusively eager to meet the children enrolled into the institution. It seems hard to imagine having to let go of your young son or daughter to a bunch of strangers, but when it is for the better of the child it is worth all the benefits. We met children from the early age of five enrolled as full and part time students up to the age of seventeen or eighteen enrolled as seniors. The school, located in central Arkansas, carries a very structured setting. It acts as a surrogate set of parents for these students by requiring rigid wake and bed time schedules according to age, mandatory hygiene skills at a young age, such as washing their own clothes by a certain age, etc. and so on. In fact, I think their environment is much better than what hearing people impose upon their children. I think hearing families lack in providing a continuous structured environment for their children by letting the television baby sit for them at home, the local shopping malls baby sit on weekends, all while night clubs and bars are real popular for holding social gatherings that may influence and cause distraction toward one’s future career path. I did think it very wonderful that the children are allowed, or rather required home weekly, this keeps a close relation at home with loved ones. I just imagined the kids getting an earlier start out in life away from mom and dad as opposed to hearing children waiting until they graduate high school and maybe move into the dorm for the sake of furthering his or her education at the local college. Anyway, I also discovered through out the tour and passing some students in the hallways that there are not

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