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What is Deaf Culture? As you may know, Texas School for the Deaf is located here in Austin. Due to that, there is a large population of deaf people who live here. You might think that because there deaf their culture is much different than ours but, that’s not true. They can still drive cars, play sports, and have a successful career. They communicate through a language called American Sign Language. This is a visual language that is made up of signs and gestures for deaf people to use in the U.S. Since deaf people can’t hear, most of them can’t speak. Some deaf people go to speech therapy to make it easier to communicate with hearing people but even then you can’t always understand what their trying to say. Most deaf people do not use their voices. American Sign Language wasn’t recognized as a language until the 1960s. Before then sign language was banded from many deaf schools/places and people encouraged the deaf to be “normal”. That meant that they had to learn how to lip read and speak so they could fit in with the rest of society. The first school for the deaf in America was established in 1815. The name of the school was American School for the Deaf. It was located in Hartford Connecticut and founded by Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet and Laurent Clerc. Many people see being deaf as a disability. This is called the medical view of the deaf. Most doctors and people who aren’t deaf make the mistake of believing there is something wrong with them that needs to be “fixed”. Usually doctors will suggest a cochlear implant or going to speech therapy so they can fit in with everyone else. Deaf people don’t see themselves as being disabled. Their belief is “There’s nothing wrong with me, I just can’t hear”. They believe being deaf just means you have a different culture. If you refer to them a disabled, they will get very offended. Deaf culture is similar to our

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