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Deaf Again Essay

  • Submitted by: melissakelly13
  • on December 11, 2011
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Melissa Kelly
ASL 152-A1
Professor Kane
Tuesdays and Thursdays 7-815
Deaf Again Review
The book Deaf Again by Mark Drolsbaugh, I found to be one of the most creative and smart book I have ever read. What I mean by smart is the way he words everything, from the time that he was a hearing child to becoming hard of hearing and then deaf. The way he writes makes you feel every emotion and feeling that he had.
Mark talks about how everyone just wants to be understood an accepted. in this world no understands and not everyone is accepted. Struggling his whole life trying to appear as a hearing person he lost sight of what he was.   Taking ASL has made me realize how different everyone is and that not everyone is the same as you. Some people are just made differently and I was always the kid that was made fun of so its easy to relate to how Mark felt as an outsider just trying to make people accept you. Understanding is a quality that few people have and if you can find someone understanding and caring its a big deal. I've been told that i posses this quality and I'm proud too. I want to be a dance therapist with special needs children. This career choice has changed me into someone who feels they understand a lot more then i used too. I respect everyone even if i don't get respect back and i look at everyone as equals. Just because someone doesn't have all amazing qualities about them doesn't mean they should become an outsider. This book made me think of all the times people feel they need to blend in with the world. I feel it take a lot more courage and a stronger person to stand up and believe in who they are and everything about them.
This book centers around the fact of how no one understands and that being different is a scary thing. I could never imagine going through what Mark went through. He truly understood both words being a hearing child and deaf adult. Starting off as a hearing child in school and being like everyone else in his class, Talking...

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