Deadpool Script Essay

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f1"'\ It . DEADPOOL Rhett Reese & Paul Wernick April 12, 2010 .r . -_ FADE UP ON: An EXTREME l I CLOSE-UP of what look like BRIGHT-ORANGE RINGS, filling the screen. TREE- JUICE NEWTON lifts our collective spirits with her power ballad 'ANGEL OF THE MORNING' as we begin our ••• •••CREDIT SEQUENCE. We slowly PULL BACK to reveal that the 'rings' are actually the glowing COILS of an automobile's CIGARETTE LIGHTER. The camera SWINGS around the lighter to reveal that it's HOVERING, FROZEN, in MID-AIR ••• •••next to the face of a MAN who appears to be violently COUGHING. The FROZEN man is FLAILING in mid-somersault. isn't clear until ••• His LOCATION •••the camera pulls back FURTHER, out the WINDOW of a CADILLAC ESCALADE, also in MID-AIR ••• •••FROZEN UPSIDE-DOWN, MID-FLIP. The camera circles the ESCALADE and EXPLORES an outrageous ACTION SCENE that has been FROZEN IN TIME. NOTE: OUR CREDITS HANG IN THE AIR, AT ODD ANGLES, DIMENSIONALLY, INTEGRATED INTO THE SCENE. THREE We're on a FREEWAY OVERPASS at morning RUSH HOUR. We SEE: A MAN SMASHING through the Escalade's SUN-ROOF ••• •••SHARDS of GLASS encircling his head like mosquitoes ••• •••and DROPS of BLOOD SPATTERING in CLOSE-UP. ANOTHER MAN catapulting •••his ANKLE entangled open passenger door. through the air ABOVE the Escalade ••• in a SEAT-BELT protruding from the A MOTORCYCLE tumbling in front of the Escalade's GRILLE, METAL PARTS exploding OUTWARD, CHAIN whipping through space. A motorcycle RIDER soaring through the air, eyes WIDE inside his heLmet, still firing a SUB-MACHINE GUN •.• 2• •••FLAME exploding •••SHELL-CASINGS from its barrel ••• spilling everywhere ••• but •••SLUGS whizzing through the air TOWARD the Escalade, more specifically ••• •••toward a tangled jumble of RED FABRIC inside. The camera swoops toward the fabric, which clings to the

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