Deadly Weapon Napalm Essay

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Noah Martin Martin 1 English, Period 1 Mrs. Bueno 6, January, 2012 The Deadly Weapon Napalm Have you ever wondered what we used in our previous wars? What weapons we used that was so effective and so fierce in battle. I am talking about the chemical weapon called “Napalm”. A fiery sticky substance that burned everything it touched. The U.S used napalm in a lot of battles, but was the most common chemical weapon used and known for in the war against Vietnam It also showed how powerful this weapon was. Napalm was significant to the history of warfare because it was a cheap easy creation that was very useful and so powerful it feared the enemies by its wall of flame and the damage it could do. Napalm was created by Dr. Louis Fieser in 1968 with his research team. He created napalm by using 2 substances. Aluminum soap mixed naphthenic acid from crude oil and a Palmitic acid from coconut oil, “”. Napalm was not just used for warfare but also used for civilian uses as well, “napalm would make a great crab grass killer” said Dr. Fieser, ”Article Protesting Napalm”. After his creation he would get many letters saying Thank you for creating napalm it saved many of our soldiers in combat. Napalm was a great help and no one thought it was something that should had never been used in war until the war of Vietnam. Martin 2 When the war started Dr. Fieser started to get bad feedback from U.S civilians so he told people on the news that he was not responsible for the use of Napalm in warfare or by the government, “article Protesting Napalm”. After the
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