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I: Good morning book Lovers today on Author Study we are talking to prize winning Author Phillip Gwynne – Winner of the 1999 children’s book award for his excellent Novel Deadly Unna. Good afternoon Phillip how are you? PG: Very well thank you. I: So Phillip, you have been an author, for about 10 years now, but before we get into your prize winning book, tell us a bit about yourself. PG: Well, Jarrod, I was born in Melbourne grew up with 7 brothers and sisters in South Australia and before I started writing I was a professional AFL player. I: Oh, that’s interesting, so after playing AFL for so many years what inspired you to write the book Deadly Unna? PG: Well, obviously, I had an AFL background therefore a story about AFL would come naturally to me so I decided to make my two main characters AFL players. I: Oh, OK, so that answers the AFL question, what about the other teenage issues that are dealt within your book? PG: Well, Deadly Unna came out in 1998 and it was said to be one of the best political books for teenagers to read, because of the issues of racism and black and white relations that it dealt with. I think for young people it helped break down the barriers of tension between the two cultures. I: Yes, I agree, so could you give us a brief summary about the plot? PG: In the book, I have used a 14yr old boy named Blacky as the narrator. This book talks about how the AFL team from “the port” made the Grand Final, the similarities and differences between Blacky, a white Kid, and Dumby Red an Aboriginal and their overall relationship that eventually becomes a friendship when they play AFL together. I: Your character of Dumby Red is an interesting one- can you tell us a little bit more about him? PG: Well, Dumby Red is an Aboriginal who comes from “the point”. He is a slim, athletic looking, talented young footballer with a lot

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