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Ben Wolf started in Chris Crutcher’s novel, Deadline, as an ambitious and intelligent pipsqueak of a 18 year old, weighing only 123 pounds, who was about to graduate from high school and jump start into the “real” world. Ben is also quite athletic, being the top cross – country runner at his high school, Trout High. As the story progresses, the reader learns there is much more to Ben’s simple life than the average teenager: Ben has to deal with a bi-polar mother and a father who hardly ever gets involved in family matters, turning a blind-eye to the family conflicts. However, Ben had learned to deal with this, and is very strong-willed; whenever his mother experiences one of her emotional breakdowns, it is Ben who comforts her and gives her her needed medications. Ben has taken it upon himself to be the pillar of the family. Knowing this, it does not come as much of a surprise when the reader learns that Ben decides not to tell anyone about the blood disease that is killing him, for Ben does not want to put any more stress onto his loved ones than there already is. In addition, Ben is stubborn. This is evident when the family doctor, Doctor Wagner, tries to persuade him to take treatment for his disease, but to no avail; and when he tries to get a street named after Malcolm X, even when his friends and social studies teacher tell him how ridiculous his project is. Furthermore, Ben is extremely brave; imagine trying to hide such a great and terrible secret from your loved ones for almost a year, imagine how much courage that would take. Lastly, Ben is a sympathetic person. When Dallas Suzuki, the object of Ben’s lust and admiration, and his girlfriend, tells Ben that she was molested by her uncle as a child, and that her “brother” is really her son, Ben does not reject her and is not disgusted by her, instead, he embraces Dallas for being able to trust him enough to

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