Dead Women of Juarez

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The Murdered Women of Juarez The perception of the city of Juarez has changed from a city of prosperity and greatness, to a city of murder and crime. Perception is the way one views the world. Perception can lead to happiness and unhappiness depending on one’s point of view. For example, the authorities’ point of view of the murders is different than the point of view of the victim’s families. In the past twelve years, reasons as to why women are being abducted, tortured, and murdered have ranged from forced prostitution to organ trafficking. These atrocities are viewed as an act of sexual feminicide. Since early 2002, two hundred and sixty nine women have been killed and four hundred and fifty women are missing (Fregroso 2). The phenomenon of these murdered women start from the conditions of the maquiladoras, where these women are coming from, how they are being killed, and what is being done to stop these killings. According to Astrid Gonzalez “Juarez is an ideal place to kill women, because you’re certain you will get away with it” (Dillon 1). Juarez is not a city full of hope anymore. The city of Juarez is known all around the world for the assassination of the young women and girls. Some of these women and girls were maquiladora workers (Vila 14). In the 1990s, Juarez was the largest export-processing zone on the U.S./Mexico Border. There are about three hundred fifty manufacturing plants. These maquiladoras have led to the suspicion that these factories are one of the leading causes of the murdered women and girls. The maquiladora system not only gave these women jobs, but it gave them their own sense of economic and physical independence. Juarez lured women into the city by its four hundred tax free factories. Actually, a majority of the women killed are from these maquiladoras. Many of these women were young and came to Juarez full of hope, searching

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