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The Yawp 3) Explain the scene that occurs in the excerpt "Yawp" from the film Dead Poets Society. In what ways is Theroux's thesis reflected or not reflected in this scene? Support your views with quotes from Theroux's essay. In the scene from Dead Poets Society we see student Todd Anderson asked to give a demonstration of a “barbaric” yawp. His words are then freed by the teacher by doing an exercise where his eyes are covered and he is to say the first thing that comes to his head. He in the end speaks a beautiful poem, that by his surprise, he didn’t know he had in him. His classmates at first laugh at Todd’s feeble attempt at a yawp, but by the end of the exercise applaud his words. In this scene you can see that Theroux’s essay is not being reflected because of the end support that Todd Anderson gets from his classmates. In Theroux’s essay he describes his dislike for the expression “Be and man!” He writes, “it means: be stupid, be unfeeling, obedient, soldierly and stop thinking” (Theroux, pg.317). It can clearly be seen that Todd is doing none of those things. Yes, the pupils were reluctant at first; this can be seen with the student’s laughter in the beginning of the exercise, but can’t that be interpreted as the manly part of the exercise? Todd is pulled up to give a “barbaric’ yawp. Barbaric can be described as brutal, cruel, and even fierce. Theroux has the same feeling towards manliness, he writes “by its very nature destructive- emotionally damaging and socially harmful” (Theroux, pg. 317). I believe that it can be seen that the students are laughing at “manliness” even if indirectly. Todd then throws all the characteristics of “Be a man!” out of the window when he begins to thread words to together. Todd is doing the very work that Theroux writes he wishes men could do. Here is a young man, in a room full with equally ripe men and he
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