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Dead Poets Society Journal Entry Parents Expectations versus Your Own In the movie Dead Poets Society, many of the boys are held back from doing what they wish because of their parents overly high expectations. For example Todd felt as though he couldn’t enjoy his time at Welton Academy because of the overwhelming pressure he had been feeling to be as successful as his older brother. His parents as well as the Headmaster all compare him to his brother and tell him that he has some very large shoes to fill. His perspective on being successful starts to change a little bit when he decides to go out with his roommate Neil and his friends whom he starts to feel more comfortable around. Mr. Keating also plays a large role in Todds new outlook on his academic life as well as who he wants to be. I can relate to this character because I have a friend whose younger sister was rather rebellious when she got to high school. My friend is a very intelligent girl who’s been on honour roll throughout school, along with being on many sports teams and a member of student council. Her parents often compared her younger sister to her and it wasn’t uncommon to hear them say “why can’t you be more like your’ sister?” When her younger sister’s grades were at a failing level her parents decided to send her to a private school about 3 hours away where she would live with her aunt. She’d been attending the school for 8 months and things had seemed to be improving. She’d been home for Christmas and she seemed to her cheery, humorous self and, by the sounds of her stories, like shed really been enjoying her new school, that’s why it was a shock when she ran away from school last month. Luckily my friend and her family had got into contact with her and were able to track her down two days later. When watching this movie, her and her family ran through my mind a lot. This event

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