Dead Poets Society Essay

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Dead Poets Society is a film which tells the story of an English teacher at a very traditional all boys prep school and how he inspires his students through his teaching of poetry. From his teaching his students learn how important it is to be yourself and that you must take risks at live, his unorthodox teaching style impacted four of the boy the most. There has been some debate over whether or not Dead Poets Society should continue to be studied in high schools. Personally, I believe that the film has educational value. By analyzing the film, students learned about the important themes of identity, “Carpe Diem” and tradition. I believe Dead Poets Society has educational value to students today because it shows just how important identity is. Firstly, it expresses the importance of thinking for yourself. For example, at one point in the film the boys English Mr. Keating has 3 of his students walk with him and at the beginning they all start of with their own walk, but soon enough they all started to walk the same way as Mr. Keating it was at this point he told his students that they must find their own walk. This shows that in life you can’t conform to a group, you must be yourself and have a mind of your own. Secondly, the film demonstrates that looking at something from a new perspective can often change the thing itself. For example, during one of Mr. Keating's classes he told his students to stand on top of their desk so that they can have a new perspective of their surroundings. This shows that it’s important to have your own view of things you encounter in your life. Thirdly, Dead Poets Society teaches students the importance of forming your own opinion. For example in another one of Mr. Keating's classes he told his students to rip out a page from their text book, they were heisted at first, but eventually they all did. This shows that you should not
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