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Dead Poets Society After watched the movie “Dead Poets Society,” I noticed what poems mean to us. In the past, I thought that write a poem, we just need to understand the rhythm, use the beautiful words and sentences, but I knew that I was wrong, write poems is not only write those words or sentences, much more we should write about and express is our insides and our own minds. There are still many scenes inside my head now. On the first class of Mr. Keating, he taught his students to seize the day, carpe diem. He said that every person would die in the end, life is short, but we can make our life different and outstanding by doing what we want to do and express what we feel. Students in the school were taught by all the things and minds tradition. They all lived in the lives their parents give them, and finally lost their own dream and gave up what they really wanted to do. Neil Perry is an example. His father told him to study medical, and let Neil give up the plays. In the end, Neil chose to die. Neil’s death shocked other students and even his Dad. What exactly caused the death of Neil, was it Mr. Keating, or his father? I think it’s both. If Mr. Keating had not encouraged Neil to do what he really wanted to do, there wouldn’t have strong conflict in his head, he would not die. Also, his father forced him to live in his way, this made Neil can’t endure any more. In the other classes of Mr. Keating, he let his student t rip put the entire page of the introduction of understanding poetry, he encouraged his student to learn to think for themselves, to learn to savor words and language, and let them know words and ideas can change the world. He let his student to stand on the desk, and look things in different ways, he encouraged the shy boy Todd Anderson to create a poem in front of the class, what he had told to the student caused Knox

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