Dead Poets Society

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In “Dead Poets’ Society”, directed by “Peter Weir”, an important idea is Conformity versus personal freedom and non conformity. This idea is revealed in the film through the use of various visual and verbal techniques such as, Camera angles, Dialogue and Setting. “Dead Poets’ Society” is set in the year 1959 at Welton Academy (a single sex) prep school located in rural Vermont, New England. Welton is a highly respected school known for its’ vigorous learning program that is somewhat old fashioned in customs and culture with the four pillars, tradition, discipline, honour and excellence. When a young American teacher turns up with a unique teaching style in which the others teachers at the academy frown upon. It becomes a constant struggle of non-conformity versus authority and idealism versus realism. An important idea in this film is Non conformity vs. authority; you can see this idea developed through numerous camera shots and angles throughout the film. At the very beginning of the movie we see the boys holding up the banners of the four pillars we see these banners through close up camera angles to interpret the importance of the values to the school. When we first see the school we are confronted with the sturdy stone structures of its buildings, high interior walls and high ceilings shown in high angle camera shots which emphasises the tradition, power and authority of the school. The dullness in the colour of the buildings and the rigid angular shapes of the schools architecture, gives us a sense of formality and discipline. Later we also students of the school from a range of close ups mid shots and medium close ups dressed in the same dull grey coloured school uniform, moving around classrooms corridors and dormitories that seem claustrophobic as they only use mid shots in the dormitories giving the impression that there could be more but there isn’t .This

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