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Peter Weir’s 1989 film, Dead Poet’s Society, focuses on the life of several upper-class teenage boys who attend Welton Academy, a private boarding school in Vermont during the 1950s. Unlike any other professor at this prep school, their English teacher, Mr. Keating, encourages the boys to “seize the day”. Furthermore, he teaches his students to pursue their passions, even if they must go against the conformist ideals implanted by the strict regulations of Welton Academy. Inspired by Keating’s lessons, his students secretly revive the Dead Poet’s Society, holding session in a small cave outside school grounds. As seen through various characters, they soon begin to apply “Carpe Diem”, a well-known poetic phrase, to their everyday lives. However, as seen through Neil Perry, the film’s main character, some students are unable to fully do so, as they fall victim to parental oppression. Neil, the main character, is placed under harsh parental pressure to become a doctor. However, Neil wishes to become an actor but is certain that his father will disapprove of his choice. He secretly auditions for the role of Puck in the prep school’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, however, much to his dismay, his father learns of his actions and forces him to withdraw from the play. Deeply upset by his father’s reaction, Neil seeks advice from Mr. Keating, who in turn tells Neil to speak to his father and explain to him how he feels about acting. However, without the strength and courage to open up to his father, Neil is unable to do. Instead, he chooses to go against his father’s will and goes through with his performance. Unfortunately, Mr. Perry arrives at the end of the play, only to find Neil on stage. He immediately becomes infuriated and takes Neil home, where he tells him that he has arranged for Neil to attend military school to prepare him for his medicine studies at

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