Dead Poet's Society Essay

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Who’s To Blame? Suicide is not done by the result of one event, it is a collection of bad events in ones life that have transpired and funneled into a deep state of depression. This point is clearly stated in the movie Dead Poets Society. Robin Williams plays the character of John Keating, who is the new English teacher at the very strict Welton Academy. He teaches the kids to be free with their thoughts and not only follow the plan that has been set for them. His ideas inspired Neil Perry to follow his dreams and go against his father's ways by acting in a play. By the end of the story, Neil kills himself and the viewers are stuck with the daunting question of who was top blame for his suicide. But, is there only one person to blame or does everyone take an unfortunate role in the death of Neil Perry? I believe that three people are to blame for this: the Welton Academy, Mr. Perry, and John Keating. The Welton Academy is a preparatory school that sends most all of their students off to Ivy League colleges. The Welton Academy isn't your average run-of-the-mill school; it is a very strict academy that believes in "tradition, honor, discipline, and excellence". The school is built on strict traditions and is unwilling to ever break free from them. I feel that they are partially to blame due to the fact that they are so strict with their rules and do not allow the students to be free and learn about ideas that are not normal. The school kept Neil from being able to explore who he really is and open his mind to outside ideas. They left Neil feeling trapped and that is part of the reason why he decided to kill himself. Mr. Perry played a huge role in the suicide of his son due to his rigid and strict ways of life. Mr. Perry enrolled his son into the Welton Academy because he already had his life planned out for him. He wanted Neil to only focus on school and nothing
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