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Film Review Film: Dead Man The movie Dead Man is an artistic work. The entire movie is in black and white. However, the film also uses a lot of depth in the grays. This combined with the dim lighting gives the movie a very grim mood. The movie is supposed to symbolize death. The way in which the movie flows it seems like Blake is in purgatory. The Native American Nobody asks Blake if he killed the man who killed him. He responded, “I’m not dead.” This is the first introduction to the idea that Blake is in fact dead. However, he interacts with the town he travels to as if he were alive. He might be in denial about his own death. This allows the film to progress and take you on the journey. This makes the film very dimensional. You could easily watch the plot and overlook what the director is trying to symbolize subtly, and at specific times not a subtly. There is another way to interpret the plot. He may be dying the entire time. The film is very slow paced. At times it seems too slow. However, I believe this allows the viewer to personally reflect upon what is happening while watching the film. The film is also poorly done. I would have to believe it is done on purpose though. The costumes are shabby, especially in the obvious fake mustaches on the majority of male characters. This took my focus off of the plot and what I expect in a movie. In realizing how poorly it was made, I intended on looking more into the movie. I began looking for symbolism and underlying ideas behind the plot. The director also has some repetition in his work. His film is surrealistic. It is a very simple plot with very intense underlying themes. One of these themes is the journey of death and how unclear it really is. The cut scenes fade out into black repetively. This gives the film a sense of balance. Nobody, the Native American believes Blake to be the great poet William

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