Dead and Buried Essay

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Dead and buried By Corey Mitchell Byron Hargis David Goode PSY-255 12/3/2012 The book Dead And Buried is really a story of Rex Allan Krebs, a thirty-three year old serial rapist out on parole. On the night of November 12, 1998 in the town of San Luis Obispo, California, a young female college student Rachel Newhouse was walking home alone after a night out with friends. She was never seen again. On the night of March 11, 1999, another young female student Aundria Crawford, 20 was in her bed asleep in her apartment in San Luis Obispo. It would be the last time she would stay in her own apartment. The cause of the two young girls disappearances was one man, a convicted rapist Rex Krebs. Rex Krebs saw and stalked Rachel Newhouse walking home by herself, Rex saw his opportunity, an attacked Rachel, wearing a skull faced Halloween mask. He knock her out, hog-tied the young girl and transported her to his canyon hideaway. A place Rex rented in the hills surrounding San Luis Obispo. He raped her repeatedly and strangled her with the rope he used to hog-tie the girl. Rex buried Rachel on the side of the hill, which surrounded his barn style apartment. Aundria Crawford was abducted from her own apartment in town by Rex Krebs, who had broken into the apartment while she was in bed. Rex beat her and hog-tied her and also transported her back to his place. Aundria suffered the same fate as Rachel Newhouse. If not for the intuition of parole officer David Zaragoza from the San Luis Obispo County, Rex Krebs may have been overlooked by police. But David Zaragoza was Rex Krebs parole officer and had been sense his parole from prison in Soledad, California. For serving only ten years for twenty-year sentence. Rex was sentenced in 1987, to prison on two rape charges. Parole officer David Zaragoza with this information decided to pay Rex a visit and notify the

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