De Zengotita

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I see myself as someone who is rather observant of human behavior and critical of our objective in life; however, this semester of FYS-X has presented me with viewpoints and concepts that have opened up a whole new dimension on the way I view human behavior. Two powerful utensils that brought upon this dimension are reading Mediated by Thomas De Zengotita and my tutoring experiences at Hartley Elementary School. De Zengotita dissects every action, reaction, and emotion produced by humans and diagnoses the motivation behind the homogeneity due to mediation in our lives. Before reading Mediated, I had vague perceptions of human behavior similar to those of de Zengotita. I have noted the predictable expressions of people in contact with other…show more content…
The majority of African American students attending Hartley Elementary, and other public schools in the area, come from families who have experienced financial poverty and have taken advantage of government services such as Food Stamps, and Welfare. In context of the poverty presented by Richard Wright in Native Son, the financial problems and lack of academic growth seen around Macon stems from the very same restraints and controls placed on Bigger and his family. We saw in Native Son how the African American population in the 1930s was segregated and how the lack of opportunities confined the population into deprived lifestyles. The tutoring experience in FYS-X demonstrated how detrimental the effects on the population in the 1930s were, that even after 80 years and widespread racial equality, the African American population is still struggling to escape substandard lifestyles. Before I had exposure to the students at Hartley Elementary, it was easy for me to publicize disappointment of the African American communities living in Macon; however, I realize now that my ignorance, esteem, and lack of curiosity are what I should be disappointmented
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