De-Socialization Due To Social Media Essay

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Morgen Kile Kathy Faulkner College Comp 101 9/30/2011 De-Socialization of society due to social media What does it mean when we say de-socialization? It is more than just sitting in front of a computer nine to five, a group of friend sitting in the same room texting someone else. Media skills are becoming more of a necessity to live your everyday life. People have to develop computer skills at earlier stages of life to even make it in school. Emails come across as impersonal or even hostile. Text messages often take longer than just calling someone. There are now so many ways to keep from having face to face social contact with someone that we are becoming anti-social as a whole, our body language is lost since social media has no way to convey it, our posture, our interpersonal skills, and our health have been affected. We have an overwhelming case of childhood obesity, back and neck problem, and eye sight issues. Social media is the cause of many problems in society today. There are three major offenders that cause our society to become de-socialized. The first is the use of instant messenger it gives us the feeling of a conversation with quick back and forth banter, but in short emotionless phrases, emotions to give the appearance of feeling. This form of social media makes it almost impossible to convey complex ideas. The second is email even though email started out much like the old fashion letter writing, it has become a quick emotionless, in interpersonal way of communication. With new devices like black berry’s it is a quick fire round and round of a conversation that would more than likely be better conveyed in a phone call. The third is text messaging how much can you really say in 160 characters? This quick mobile to mobile banter has become a way of everyday life for many of us.

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