De Mar Case Study

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Rick Barnes Jr. 05/26/14 Prof. Micklich De Mar Case Study 1. De Mar is a plumbing, heating, and air-conditioning business. The repairman industry has been around for a long time, which makes it difficult for businesses in the industry to distinguish themselves from their competitors. De Mar’s success does not come from the tools they use for their work, or innovative marketing tactics, but from the service they provide of quality work. De Mar specializes in making their services available when, and where the customer needs it. Their repairmen are available 24 hours a day and the work they perform is backed by 1-year warranty of all parts and labor. This is important since competitors often offer only a 30-day warranty. Of course the tangible parts of De Mar’s product is the work they do. It is measured by the performance and quality of the newly repaired A/C or pipes. 2. The marketing sector should create a perception of the a business that offers exceptional customer service and strives to satisfy their customers´ needs, no matter what their problem may be. They need to make potential clients aware of their services and have them correlate the premium price for the premium service. The finance division of De Mar has to make sure that the products´ cost is high enough to cover the expenses of the personnel that are available 24 hours a day. The staffing department has to make sure that they have enough skilled workers available to work at anytime during the day. The repairmen need to ensure that they are skilled enough to handle the vast issues they may encounter on the job. They also need to have good customer service skills so their clients will recommend them to family and friends. 3. Goods and service design Since De Mar is a service product, they need to ensure their product is successful through the 10 OM decisions. Through the company’s goods &
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