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I have chosen the pathway is protecting sleep. I am a student of a design, so sometimes when the week which is assignment due, I was definitely lack of sleep. Because the pressure of finishing assignment. I personally feel the reasons which lead me to such things are I was leaving my parents and lack the concept of the good time management. So when I got this assignment, the first feeling I want to do for this assignment is sleep. Sleeping in our daily life is a thing that we definitely could not lose. People go through sleep to indispensable part of the added energy or relax the body. But usually, because of some external factors leads people poor of sleep and making reaction occurred. For example, people are waking because they having nightmare, the noise at outside making them impossible to fall asleep or pressures are making them impossible to deep sleep. Actually, people do not having enough sleep will feel very tired. For me, the sleeping time is very valuable, but I always wasting time on something else, and complain time to sleep not long enough. For others and me, I want to design a thing to protect and to remind people to sleep. In general, people who will lack of sleep are students, workers, patients, people living in a noisy environment or people in mental capacity of poor. As a student, I really can feel the pressure from assignment and when I having class I can not understand clearly. Because lacking of time management, I always left things to the last moment and it leading to a situation is lack of time to sleep. Also in class I will want to sleep. About workers, because they can not achieve the required performance of the boss, there is trouble and naturally they can not sleep well. The patients are unable to sleep because of the physical pain of them, people who living in a noisy environment are unable to sleep because of the outside noise to

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