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WW1Peacemaker In some ways, it could be argued that the peacemaker coped successfully with the problem they faced is true. In 1919, people of the Allied countries are met at Versailles, they are made the peace treaties together though different countries have different purpose. Also the treaties made Germany lose many countries and some territorial. So it can Made the Germany cannot made the war start right way. And the different countries sign the different treaties, it limit Germany’s developing. So the peacemakers coped successfully with the problem. However, it might be argued that the peacemakers coped successfully with the problems they faced is false. The Allied countries didn’t ask defeated countries make the treaties together. In the treaties, Germany need to gave many cities and a lot of money to the Allied countries. So the German was very angry for that, because these treaties were very badly to them. Moreover everyone knew, the Second World War were start again after 12 years. So the peacemaker had some part not really successfully with the problem. In conclusion, therefore, I would say that the peacemaker didn’t cope successfully with the problem. First, although the peacemakers they made Germany lose some money and some territorial, but that didn’t made the Germany start Second World War. Also I think this treaties were not really fair, because they didn’t ask defeated countries to come with them to made the treaties together, so the people of Allied countries were definitely want to benefit for their countries when they wrote the treaties. So I didn’t agree with this statement on the treaties made with the defeated

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