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Relationship to ANA Code of Ethics * Pros * Respect for human dignity * Advocacy * Accounts for individual nursing practice Speaker Notes Continuing education in relationship to ANA’s code of ethics is an important factor to consider. When it comes to respect for human dignity, there is always a need to improve. Teaching ethics shows that nurses are called "for a philosophy of moral commitment toward protecting human dignity and preserving humanity" (Watson 1988). Nurses come across different patients from all over the world and it’s important that we respect each of these patients while they are in our care. Advocacy plays a big part in the nursing career field and continuing education can help nurses to improve ways to advocate for their patients. There are times where patients can’t speak for themselves and the nurse must have the knowledge to speak on their behalf. Understanding ethics according to the ANA is vital when it comes to accountability as nurses. We have to grow as nurses based on knowledge and experience. No two nurses are the same and we have to continue learning with the changes in health care. We are accountable for our own license and furthering education on the way we treat our patients will make a huge impact in our patients’ lives. * Con’s * Teaching ethics * Teaching morals Speaker notes One of the cons of continuing education in relation to the ANA code of ethics is finding the best way to teach ethics. Ethics relates to “how one should act” (American Nurses Association 2011) and who is to say how an individual acts is right or wrong. Nurses grow up in different parts of the world with different upbringing and may not fully agree with the way ethics is taught. Ethics classes have been known to cause debate due to different cultural outlooks on right and wrong. This can make it difficult for

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