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2. Models such as Diagnose, Decide and Deliver are an indespensible aid to decision making for all managers – discuss It is widely accepted that models such as Diagnose, Decide and Deliver are an indispensable aid to decision making for all managers. However, there are some who are quick to point out the disadvantages of decision making models, although their arguments tend to be vastly outweighed by those who feel decision making models are vital. Decision making in business can be a daunting prospect. It is especially difficult for the “higher up” managers, or indeed managers who are new to the organisation. Decision making is the process of evaluating different courses of action and determining which of these is the best to take in order to achieve the best results. This process is exceptionally important in business to address (both internal and external) problems which will have a direct impact on the organisation, in order to achieve the organisations objectives, to tackle small problems early so they are not exacerbated and so on. In short, decisions are made to take the business forward, tackle problems they face or take remedial action on recent changes which have not been as successful as hoped. As a whole, decision making models are beneficial to any business. They ensure that a fair amount of good quality information is obtained, and that no quick or rash decisions are made. They will often keep managers focused on the problem that needs to be addressed and stop them from deviating from the main point. This is particularly useful in ensuring they actually counter the problem and not just a symptom of the problem. Furthermore, a “what if” scenario could be applied to almost any decision making model, and this will help to predict the outcome of selecting each alternative and will help in the decision making

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