Dbq The Relationship Between English And Native Americans

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Justin Wong Period 4 Ms. Ross DBQ #2 English- Native Relation The Native Americans, who resided in the location of the established Jamestown, had contradictory feelings regarding the entry of the English during 1607. The colonist’s ambitions were revolved on finding instant riches. Unfamiliarity of cultivation on new land and weather created a strong dependence on Native American’s foods and resources. The Native Americans and the English both had an unhealthy relationship which manifested from the English's personal motives. Prior to the relationship, hostility was present between the English and the Native Americans because of the struggle over the possession of the land. The English took advantage of…show more content…
One man decided to take matters into his own hands. Powhatan’s brother Opechancanough, led a group of Natives to patiently wait for their turn to attack the English in the hopes to regaining back their territory. One Friday morning, in early 1622, they went and savagely murdered nearly 350 colonists (Document B). Jamestown itself was barely saved with the fortunate warning of an educated Christian native. The unhealthy relationship between the Natives and English worsened. The first war erupted between the Natives and English in 1637, between the Pequot tribe and the English pushing their way into the Connecticut River valley. English men set fire all over the Pequot tribes land (Document C). Those that survived the fire were shot. The Natives had poor equipment compared to the rifles the colonist had. In total, over three hundred Pequot men, women and children were murdered, almost wiping out the whole…show more content…
In 1675, Massasoit’s Son, Metacom (translated in English meant King Philip), commenced multiple attacks on many English settlements (Document D). The war lasted nearly a year, over fifty colonist towns were damaged and twelve of them completely demolished. Many lives were lost during this tragic war, totaling to over 800 colonist and 3,000 Natives.  After the war, Metacom’s family was taken away and placed in slavery.  He was captured and beheaded. Metacom’s War did not stop the westward expansion of the English completely; however it did slow down drastically. It also created a population decline of Native Americans in New England. They did not pose much harm anymore; those that did were very rare. The Natives were outnumbered by the colonist easily, there was little they could do to keep their once rich soil lands to

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