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Abigail Sylvester American History 2/4/2013 The Great Depression occurred during the late 1920s and throughout the 1930s. When the stock market crashed on Black Tuesday-October 24, 1929- unemployment rate went up, businesses went out of business, and banks went bankrupt because of bank runs. Many citizens expected President Hoover held the office from 1928-1932 to fix the problem, but instead of help little progress was made to get the U.S economy out of this depressing time. Because of Hoover’s unwillingness to help the country he lost the election against Franklin D. Roosevelt in the 1932 election. When elected to office Roosevelt’s promise to better the economy. Even though the change did come as fast as many would like, it come with…show more content…
The New Deal laid down a concrete foundation for federal relief programs. Document E supports this claim because the Social Security is one out of many New Deal programs that still stands until this day. The Social Security Act provides pensions to the elderly after their retirement if they worked a federal Job. In addition to helping the elderly document G demonstrates the efforts to decrease the unemployment rate. The unemployment struggle an epidemic unrest labor force, many went on strike, but in response to the outburst of protest company began to break up unions and stop the creation of them. In aspiration to fix help the worker The Wagner Act was put in place to support the creation of worker unions. It outlawed company management from attempting to reduce the power of a labor union. To further advocate for the effectiveness of the New Deal, the chart in Document J shows the improvement of the employed. When the New Deal was put in place in 1933 the employment rate began to change. From 1933 to until 1939 the New Deal helped roughly 7, 700,000 people get jobs, compared to 12, 830,000 unemployed at the beginning of the Great Depression. Regardless of, those who say the New Deal was not effective because it did not get America out of the Great Depression, it did help the role in the Federal
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