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DBQ Puritan Essay During the 1630s and 1660s, Puritans powered the ideas and values on the New England colonies through the political, economical, and social development by religion influencing politics, town structure, and freedom of religion. Political factors aided in Puritan development of the New England colonies. It made obvious that the government must have limited power to determine by how much is directly given to them by God. Because religion influenced the government of the Puritans, they believed that they each had their own boundaries of power given to them by the Lord. Even the governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony, John Winthrop thought so. Winthrop believed that he could lead the colony, to build “a city upon a hill” in which everyone can look at their godly society being constructed and follow that example. In 1638, a new settlement had sprung up at New Haven. The Puritans ultimate goal was to set up an alliance between the church and government to come together and provide a stronger bond. Soon after came the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut which established a democratic government controlled by citizens. The Puritans intended to hear all opinions on a subject in their public meeting. Puritans did not make anyone’s life purposely difficult and only wanted to convert the natives. They believed that there will be differences, as in any society. Some Puritans such as, Roger Williams, were against the uniformity of church and state and attempted to separate it, and even used God as a supporter. Overall the political views of the Puritans can be described as a democracy where everyone had a say in what happened if and only if they believed in the same religion. Therefore, the church and state were strongly attached to and they depended on one

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