Dbq on the Degress of Success and Failure of Self-Determination in the Middle East

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There are many successes and failures of self-determination in the Middle East in the early twentieth century. In the analysis of the documents some successes might be that writers are asking for a home for the Zion Jewish people, the Ottoman Empire, and Syria. Failures might be the request for guardianship of the people to be entrusted to more advanced nations. Another failure might be that the General Syrian Congress opposed the creation of a Jewish commonwealth inside their borders, and also opposed any migration of such peoples into their country. Looking at the two maps ([doc.1], [doc.6]) I can see some successes and some failure. Some successes would be that the League of Nations successfully divided the Ottoman Empire into separate countries; this is a success of self-determination because in [doc.5] the General Syrian Congress stated that they want complete political independence for Syria, and that is what occurred. Some failure of self-determination would be that in [doc.5] the General Syrian Congress also asked for the French Government to leave and for America to take its place and if not America then Great Britain, and as I can see in the map [doc.6] the French did not leave. Another failure of self-determination would be that the General Syrian Congress asked that no Jew be allowed to create a commonwealth in Palestine but the League rejected that proposal and created Israel. In [doc.2], [doc.3], [doc.4], [doc.5]) there is success because in [doc.2] Arthur Balfore asked for a home in Palestine for the Jews, which paves the road for a country for the Jews, but also turmoil because no one else wants them there, especially the Syrians who in [doc.5] asked for the Turkish portion of the ottoman empire be assured a secure sovereignty which, as you can see in [doc.6] is successful.in [doc.4] the league of nations is stating that all new territories in
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