Dbq on Industrial Revolution

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Document Based Question Working and living conditions of India and Japan during the Industrial Revolution With the coming of the Industrial revolution came little to no change in the working and living conditions of those who worked in the factories of the cotton industry even as the companies lost workers or gained tremendous amount of profit. This idea can clearly be seen in all of the following documents on how the workers lives change as time goes by in this case during the time when the industrial revolution occurred. Support comes from documents such as Document 3 where the living and working conditions were so poor that people developed Tuberculosis and often died as soon as they got home to be treated. In Document 4 Which is the Buddhists recollections on the dependence that the farming communities had on the girls who selflessly volunteered to go work in the factories even when faced with a chance of death mainly because they were the source of the family’s income. This shows that the living conditions were truly poor and many people faced troubles during the harsh times. In Document 9 the Royal Commission of Labour in India reported that the wages did not change during the past years and all of the dedicated workers. The royal commission also reported that many of the workers are poor people that lived in small villages and were often recruited to work in the factories much to the similarity of the report of Document 5 where the industrialist also tells the tale of the workers and how they were often poor and comes from farming communities. There is also no recording of the Indian worker’s lives even if it were third party or a first person recollection of how their time was working for the factory/company was. The effects of the industrial revolution were almost miraculous as many of the factories and cotton business boomed during this time period.
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