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History before 1650_Rome's Empirical Army Name Course: Tutor: Date The nomadic pastoralists of Central Asia possessed some military advantages which made them pose a threat to the nearby settled civilizations. The first aspect that brought advantage to the nomads is the nature of nomadic life. The frequent movements, which in the case of the Asian nomads took place twice a year, was advantageous to them in that locating and attacking them would be a difficult task to the enemy.[1] The forces of the nearby civilizations therefore proved inferior due to their inability to attack them. In addition, the nomadic pastoralists of central Asia had unique skills of being horsemen as well as archers. Their attack therefore was not easily…show more content…
This posed a very great threat to the nearby settled civilizations. Their unity enabled them to plan for very well coordinated attacks in the towns and cities nearby. Initially, the nomadic tribes had differences which lasted a long period growing even to levels of conflicting against each other in the course of their search for good pasture and water.[2] Resource conflicts were therefore quite rampant between different nomadic tribes thus posing a challenge for them against their neighboring civilizations. However, the nomadic tribes finally formed an alliance and often the alliances were put under a unitary commander although there were some wrangles on who would become the leader. Another military advantage for the nomadic tribes was what was referred to as the cavalry. This basically involved mounting of warriors on a horse. This was so unique that it became a lasting legacy to be left by the nomadic empires. The cavalry was an original idea of the nomadic tribes but they actually demonstrated its effectiveness.[3] It provided superb military advantage to the nomadic tribes over the nearby settled civilizations. The same is applicable today although this time round the mounting is not on horseback but in
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