Dbq Mongols Essay

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Under the rule of the Mongols, Russia changed in that paper money was introduced and diminished, and that Russian language had once again become the main language. It stayed the same in that Russian culture and the aristocrats in Russia stayed in power along with the Eastern Orthodox Church. Paper money was introduced to keep the values of metals up. The flow of silver and gold into Mongol hands starved the local economy. The Khan of the Golden Horde attempted to introduce paper money as a response to currency shortage. The citizens rejected the paper money, and it pushed the economy into a depression. Paper money was also introduced in China, Iraq, and Iran. The Russian language also became important during this time. Due to the contributions of some of the Russian princes who cooperated with the Mongols by acting as agents for them and collecting taxes, the Mongols provided protection for them and the land they came from. Moscow also grew during this time. The Mongols also adapted Russian culture and used it to control. The Mongols spared some cities if they submitted to Mongol rule. Events such as this took place wherever the Mongols went. Russia stayed the same in that, the families that were in power survived. Also, traditional structure of local government survived Mongol rule, as did the Russian princely families. Alexander Nevskii suggested that the Russian princes submit and assist the Mongols. In return the Mongols supported the growth of some of their native cities, such as Moscow. The Eastern Orthodox Church also was preserved during this time period. The Mongols received assistance from the Eastern Orthodox Church, and in return, the Mongols provided protection. This took place in other places such as China. China’s government received legitimacy from the Buddhists, and in return the Buddhists received tax cuts. The Mongols were very
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