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Questions on « IRAQ AND THE JUST WAR THEORY » 1) A. According to Document D why is an invasion of Iraq not justified? Document D, portraying the Catholic Church’s view, states that the invasion of Iraq is not justified for the reason that it does not respect the requirements of a just war by Catholic theology. “… use of military force to overthrow the government of Iraq could not be justified at the time … would not satisfy criteria of a just war as defined by Catholic theology.” In addition, the war was looked at as one that could have been avoided. “War against Iraq was a preventive war”. 1) B. What is the message in Document G? Document G is a political cartoon entitled: “Bush finds Iraq – Al Qaeda link”. We believe the message in this document to be that the Americans have…show more content…
From the evidence in the documents plus your own background knowledge, would you agree with the position taken by the Catholic Church that the invasion of Iraq “did not constitute a just war”? Document A presents to the reader the requirements for a war being “just”. The conditions include that it must be fought by a legal recognised authority such as a government. In the case of the invasion of Iraq, this first condition was met as the U.S government led by Bush was invading Iraq. However part of the reason for the US invasion of Iraq was the link to terrorism (without any evidence of this link), a terrorist group is not considered a legal recognised authority, consequently whether or not this condition was met is debatable. The second condition consists of the fact that the cause of the war must be just. According to Bush in Document B, the cause was justified seeing as a threat to peace is being cause by Iraq, it supports terrorism, and is seeking weapons of mass destruction, has already violated obligations imposed on the country. “It has given shelter and support to terrorism” “it is seeking nuclear weapons” “violated all those obligations” “threat to
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