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Dbq Industrial Rev Essay

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During the 18th century the The Industrial Revolution broke loose.Kid's older than four were starting to working in factories and mills.There was many positive and negative effects of the industrial revolution many lives were lost and many people lived till there 20's.Citys became the hot spot for jobs and the fast paced life.Times were hard for lots of people.People worked to keep there families full and have a place to   sleep. Factorys also developed during this time they went to being powered by streams   to being powered by stem engines witch kept factory running as long as needed.
        (DOC.1) In document one sadler reported a 23 year old flax mill worker. The young man started working at age six . his hours were from six am till 7pm crutual hours for someone that age. The young man states how he would come home with marks or woons and his mother never did a thing about it since she was afraid he would loose his job. Times were hard during this century many workers were beat if showed up late to there job's they had very little lunch time witch effected there work.kids during this time had very little time for school since there were consistently working long hours. Many people were unable to read or wright the ones who knew were lucky or lived in a wealthy house hold.People during this time were unstable and lived no older than the age of 25 due to work condition s and factory accedence. There was alot of population during this time due to all the running factories and stores . because of the poor living conditions there not any time for hygiene. mothers were taken from the families to work making clothing. women had to return to work 3 days after labor. People were so cramped they easily got infected with diseases. (DOC.2) In document two Matthew Boultion a Iron factory Owner discusses his wealthy way of living and the risk his money was in when the new industrialized ways crept in.He explains how he moves out of the city to a beautiful house on the out...

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