Dbq Essay On American Women

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As the world slowly changed with time, so did the ideals and obligations of the people. A group that projected the most was the American women throughout the early development of America. Although they continue to earn more respect, rights, and opportunities up to today’s time, the most striking period for restyling the woman’s lifestyle would be the build up to the Civil War. Living in a democratic society, many people felt a pull towards the freedom it had to offer-including women. As American began to industrialize, so did women. They, whether it be in the house, school, or textile factories, grew too with their nation and produced the foundation of an ever-advancing realm. While women do not seem to engage in the work force until further…show more content…
Women accompanied their husbands on the journey and in the work that it took to profit out there. In Document I, a frontierswoman wrote that after their hired man left, she shouldered her hoe and worked out ever since. She guessed that her services were “just as acceptable as his or will be in time.” Self-sufficiency was forced onto women out west. With their men gone long throughout the day many took to loneliness and relied on themselves to see the day’s work through. Also, with a small amount of hands to help with the outdoors work, women worked alongside their husbands in the heat. The freedom and independence that women held out there, inspired the necessity for women to have equal rights. Many believed that if she could do the same amount of work, they should obtain the same amount of rights. However, some men were completely against this idea and saw women, regardless of their situations, inferior. In reference to Document G, Putnam’s monthly magazine of American literature, science and art, wrote that she is “his inferior in passion, his inferior in intellect, and his inferior in physical strength.” The document “exalts” women for these attributes because without these she would be incapable of being the blessing that she is to
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