Dbq Essay-New England Vs Chesapeake

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Ever since Jamestown was found in 1607 in the New World, settlers started to immigrate to the early colonies of Chesapeake and New England. By 1700, these settlements slowly formed into two different societies. This development and difference occurred due to several reasons. Socially, the class ranks were different among the two regions; the shortage of women in the colony was also a problem. Economically, the trading and the crops played a big role in the differences as well. Religion varied in both colonies and had affected the colonists. These aspects show the clear distinctions between these two colonies and how they provided a split between them. In these early colonies, class ranks were similar to one’s identity. The higher the class, the more respect and privilege they receive; the lower the class, the less privileges received. In New England, the settlers’ population was very diverse; however, class ranks still existed. On the list of names that immigrated to New England, it consisted of the names of the men, their family, age and occupation. It showed that they were of middle/high class because they had servants along with them and successful jobs. [Doc. B] The list of names that immigrated to Virginia consisted of many males and only a few females with no children. [Doc. C] The list only showed their names and age; this represents that they were not of middle/high class and were not considered as “important”; they also didn’t have as many high classes as New England. The shortage of women also affected the society in Virginia. On the list of emigrants for Virginia, there were very few names of women; men were the majority in that colony. [Doc. C] The scarcity of women made the men feet discouraged, hopeless and even died early. Without women, they had no motive to keep going or to make a better living; therefore, Virginia was at an economic stake.

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