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Oliver Robinson 12/2/12 Period 1 Mr. Bain AP US History DBQ The age of Jackson was an era filled with changes and controversy. After a great triumph at the Battle of New Orleans during the War of 1812, Jackson ascended to the presidency asserting the fact that he was the voice of the common man. However under his leadership the nation faced numerous struggles and controversies. The Jacksonian democrats claimed to be the guardians of the Constitution, political democracy, individual liberty, and equality in economic opportunities. However personal vendettas and corruption led to the destruction of these values during the 1820’s and 1830’s. From injustice tariffs to horrific Indian removal policies and even Jackson’s own personal rivalries, the interests of Jackson and his comrades were always brought to the forefront. The common man was left to fend for himself because of Jackson’s focus on his own beliefs and a misguided personal agenda. The nation was thrust into turmoil because Jackson and the Jacksonian democrats disregarded what would have been best for the nation. The pledge to protect political democracy was polluted throughout Jackson’s presidency. The Jacksonian democrats promoted and supported legislation that contradicted this belief. In 1828 the Tariff of Abominations was proposed by Jackson and his supporters, during the Adams administration. The tariff was set at 40%, twice as high as the Tariff of 1816. This tariff was used to discredit the president because Jackson knew that John Quincy Adams had to pass the tariff in order to keep his Northern industrialist supporters. While this was a means for Jackson to take the presidency, he did so at the expense of common people and small farmers. Southern farmers with small stakes of land couldn’t afford to pay such a high tariff on their goods. Many Southern states refused to pay the tax and
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