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The DBQ essay The Social class from the 15th to the 17th century view children as a useful tool and goods for selling and buying , all of the children at this time period had to obey their family. Due to that fact, many children didn’t have a chance to attend to school. Some was force to work at the young age under the harsh condition in order to make money for family. Other had been captured and sold to the master. According to document 1 and document 3, they provided information about kidnapping and selling kids. Many children had been kidnapped and took away from their parents. Other was sold by parents for money. Some local official leader asked for help from the government in order to stop the merchant from illegally business. Document 2, 4 and 5 were about the Child’s labor and unfair treatment toward woman and kids. Many Women and children worked under the harsh condition with low wage. Slavery still remained especially toward young children and woman. Many had been sold or compromised to work under several years of term with the contract between their parents (family) and the master or company. As we could see that Child was really being treated unfairly compare to the children in 21st century according to document 2 the compromise between the parents of a child and the master had showing that during the process of working under the master the child didn’t have any freedom or priority. They were not better than slave. Further more, the society actually agreed for children to work at young age and they could not be mischief or idleness in their work. They had to work hard. Document 4 and 6 were group together cause of giving information about Children had to obey and listen to whatever their parents say. They had to scarify themselves to work as under any circumtain to provide life for family at young age. According to document 6, Children who

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