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Dbq Essay

  • Submitted by: jayceeoriginal
  • on June 3, 2013
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Jovanni Cardenas
AP United States History
Period 1
17 March, 2013
DBQ Essay
Life was going great in the beginning of the 1920s. Economy was good, industries were working well, and social life was great. Then one day on October 29th, 1929, the stock market crashed. President Hoover was expected to make everything recover, but Hoover maintained the government’s laissez-faire attitude in the economy. Soon after, FDR was elected and all hope of reconstruction was laid on him and his administration. Although Roosevelt’s administration was not very effective in limiting the effects of the Great Depression, they did leave a change in the role of the federal government by creating lasting programs, full-filling some of the needs of citizens, and increasing the federal government’s power.
When FDR was elected president he right away created a series of economic programs named the New Deal. Many of the New Deal programs are still around today such as the Social Security Act of 1935 (Doc. E). Social Security at first was an effective way of helping the people not being able to work, but as time progressed it became a good way of eating the public’s money. Money was taken from the public in order to help people who aren’t able to work to get money from the government. It will soon die out for my generation because the ratio of those working will be much less than the elderly existing now. But for now, Social Security is still around and effective.
The Roosevelt Administration helped their citizens both socially and economically. Roosevelt’s Administration helped the Negro community a great deal (Doc I). Hoover had forbidden Negroes from settling in the government-built town Boulder City. Roosevelt did not allow this disgraceful plan, so what he did was he added the doctrine that Negroes are now a part of the country as a whole. Roosevelt assisted citizens economically by giving them small jobs such as building dams, roads, and cutting trees from forests. That way...

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