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DBQ Essay

  • Submitted by: Kim123
  • on May 29, 2008
  • Category: History
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DBQ Essay
Throughout the fifties and the early sixties, the threat of communism, segregation, and suburban conformity were all a series of flaws the U.S. had brought upon themselves.   Americans were influenced in a manner that would necessitate positive changes which would help to unify and strengthen our country.
During the early fifties the threat of communism in the American State Department was of great concern to many Americans.   The U.S. was going through a struggle between communistic atheism and Christianity, also known as the white mans religion.   Throughout the fifties, America was going through a struggle between communistic beliefs and the beliefs of freedom, as well as, an organized government which our founding fore-fathers worked to achieve.   Americans were also fighting racism and segregation throughout the nation.   In the fifties America destroyed themselves, due to their inability to become a unified nation.   It was not the fear of an enemy attack that threatened America.   It was the fear of America being sold out by one of their own.   Throughout the consistent acts of treason against America, they were faced with an even greater internal battle.   Even if acts of treason weren’t being committed, America would find themselves at their weakest point.   America was prime stomping grounds for all other nations, because they knew of the hate and malice America was experiencing internally.   Communistic threats and segregation throughout all the school systems had multiple similarities.   People who committed treason and sold America out were not less fortunate people, they were the people with all the benefits and advantages.   Segregation could have been referred to as a twin to communism.   Segregation was created to keep whites and blacks separated.   Blacks were considered the minority and low class under achievers.   The blacks knew they were being slighted and treated unfairly, but they didn’t complain like they could have and should have.   They...

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