Dbq Changes In America From 1860 To 1870

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The period from 1860 to 1870 changed America greatly. Major events such as the amendments to the constitution, rights for black people, the succession of the south, the Emancipation Proclamation and the KKK were all factors for these changes. Although these changes were fundamental for the growth of the United States, it wasn’t quite enough to call it a revolution. By this time the blacks that lived in America truly started to realize that they were free of slavery. Document E shows a black man, fighting for his right to the homesteads that were promised to him. If he didn’t truly believe that he was free, he would not be making such a demand “to the President of these United States”. Document C shows that blacks also got their right to vote. They were very proud of this, as shown in the picture “The First Vote” Thanks to the fifteenth amendment, blacks were able to get this privilege that made them so happy. Document F states, by Senator Lot Morrill, that we are “in the midst of a revolution” Although he saw it this way, many saw the Civil Rights Act of 1866 as a constitutional development. And although this was seen as a “revolution” to Mr. Morrill, the Ku Klux Klan saw it differently. This group of white people who hated blacks did not participate in this so called “revolution” this is…show more content…
Strain still continued between the north and the south even after the war had been fought. The south was bitter because they lost what they needed most, their slaves. Document A states why the south wanted to secede, saying that the south had no choice but to stay with the north. Some say the south wanted to secede because of the constitution, and their lack of constitutional rights. Senator John Sherman states in document B that “the lack of such nationality…is one of the great evils of the times.” It was forced upon the south to stay one with the US and most southerners did not like
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