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The United States had to make the decision to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima.. The United States decision to drop an atomic bomb on Hiroshima was either a diplomatic measure or just a military measure designed to force Japan to just surrender immediately. This is one of historys most greatest tunrning points. For example, in document A, Secretary of War Henry Stimson basically describes the reason for dropping the atomic bomb was to bring a quick end of the War. General Staff estimated that the Japanese had over five million men in their military. It was expected that at least 270,000 Americans would be killed. The statistics had shown that our losses were What an important choice to bomb hiroshima if we would lose so many of our men in fight. It was either fight the Japanese to the death or drop the atomic bomb. In document B it says that The United States hit 60 cities with High Explosive bombs the soviets were so intimidated because of our decisions to drop the bombs. The soviets and all of the other allies ignored Japan because they were afraid we would do the same to them. After all of the damage in the pacific about 240,000 lives were taken away. the opportunity of saving American lives by immediate military use, and believe that such use will improve the international prospects, in that they are more concerned with the prevention of war than with the elimination of this special weapon,” helped bring support for the cause to use the bomb to end the war quickly. (Document G) The united states thought that apan was alresady on the verge of surrender in Document B. At the Yalta Conference, Russia demanded its lost territory back. It sided against Japan only if Mangolia remained the same in document D. It was obvious that the us did not want to be involved with the war in Japan. In document E it states “It is quite clear that the United States do

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