Dbq American Imperialism

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Imperialism Document A The National Values were to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights. Our Founding Fathers were driven to declare themselves free from The British Crown by their passion for Freedom and the attainment of an Ideal a place on earth were people could be free and equal. Now we may mock a bit at this statement because even today we struggle with issues of equality. Even our Founding Fathers had such struggles when it came to slavery. Our belief in Freedom and the Equality of People will continue to move this great Nation toward the ideals expressed in The Declaration of Independence. Document B The problem with imperialism that was exposed…show more content…
Hundreds of people died from starvation during this campaign. U.S commanders planned to capture the city of Santiago De Cuba in order to destroy General Arsenio Linares army and Admiral Pascual Cervera’s fleet. This was an issue for the U.S because the battle had been a hard one for the Americans who suffered almost three times as many losses as the Spanish had. Document D President McKinley was expressing that he wanted to put an end to the barbarities, bloodshed, starvation, and horrible miseries now existing in Cuba. He also expressed that we owe our citizens for fighting in Cuba so that they can afford protection and indemnity for life and property. The last thing he expresses is the right to intervene. He says that the right to intervene may be a very serious injury to the commerce, trade, and business of our people. Document E The problem with imperialism is that the islands the congress was trying to annex started fighting back. After the Spanish American war some of the Radical Republicans and other members of the Congress opposed the idea of annexing other colonies. They questioned whether it was wise to bring nonwhite people under our flag. This was awkward for the U.S because it went against our values of our
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