Dbq About the French Revolution Essay

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DBQ Based on documents 1,2,3,4, and 5 , the French believed in equality of men and women , and the aimed for the destruction of the Estates General; they got to quality by writing Declarations of Rights, and achieved the destruction with the reign of terror. Document 1, which contains a painting of a dispute between the Estates-General and the army of French sent by Louis XVI in efforts to exterminate all rebellious forces like so. Their efforts were thwarted by the overwhelming amount of people from rural and urban societies fighting back. This became a huge problem and Louis XVI wanted the opposition to be exterminated, the french believed that there should be no rebellious forces. They took drastic action to make this absolute. Document 5 states that the method used to reach this kind of dream was the gruesome Reign of Terror. It was basically a no tolerance rule for all oppositions to government or any high power. If you were a suspected treasonist , you were executed without hesitation. Dead bodies and more dead bodies stacked up everywhere along with piles of heads. All thanks to the almighty guillotine. The guillotine is where the victim puts his or her neck in the bottom of it , a large sharp blade beheads them without a single struggle. Eventually, the French did reach superiority, many rebellious parties fell back due to the cruel ways. Documents 2 ,3 and 4 state that the
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