Dbq About Reconstruction

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Well, this is a very large question with different aspects to look at when during this time because the reconstruction involved race issues, government issues, and natural human rights issues . If I am answering this question based on race and human rights issues, then I will have to say no, it was not effective by a long way and it was doomed to fail even before they started the process. If we are asking this question based on government issues such as adding southern states back to the union and making laws to attempt to help the people, I would have to say yes and no because it was effective in bringing the Southern states back to the union, but laws were not made to protect everyone. Slavery and human rights was a big cause of the civil war, so after the war when the confederate states lost, people did not think of all the issues there were about to take place. The Emancipation Proclamation was just a start to attempt to fix the problem but it did was free the slaves that were in Confederate territories, it did not change the mid set of…show more content…
The southern states would be readmitted into the Union after ten percent of the population would take a loyalty oath and disavowed slavery. This meant that all southern states to be readmitted into the union were forced to ratify the 13th amendment, abolishing slavery, but with the assassination of President Lincoln, the plan skewed off course, and Johnson was able to take control of the reconstruction movement. This is where the problems came in and things started to fail. When Vice-president Johnson took power, he went against all the things that Lincoln and other leader worked for. My opinion the biggest mistake he made was pardoned many confederate leaders (Norton) and became sympathetic to the South’s cause. He was able to bring the confederate states back to the union, but laws were not put in place to protect
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