Dbq 9 Th Farmers' Movement, 1879-1900

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DBQ 9 The Farmers’ Movement, 1870-1900 Brice Persiani Why did farmers express discontent during 1870-1900 and what impact did their attitudes and actions have on national politics? The farmers expressed discontent because; manufacturing had a huge growth rate during this period causing agriculture to decline, causing farmers to struggle to make a living. The farmers were now being abused by the railroad companies and banks. The documents show reason for the farmer’s protests, mainly focused on banks and the railroad. The farmers fought against the Gold Standard, railroads, and industrialist during this period causing lots of confrontation. In document G you can see the increase rate of manufacturing corporations and the steady decline of the agricultural market. The United States could no longer wish to be a country of small estate farms. Industrialists and the people living in immense cities depended on farmers to basically keep them alive throughout the years. However, back then numerous people didn’t comprehend just how much of an impact farmers had on their everyday lives. If you took farms away from the United States during this period of time, everything would have entirely crashed. Farmer’s had complications with making a living because the rates of being a farmer were so high, as it is stated in document B. The farmers were also being abused by the railroad companies and banks. Like it says in document F “Nothing has done more to injure the (western) region than these freight rates.” Out west the railroad companies took advantage of the people and often they would charge more than four times the Eastern rates. Closely connected were the banks, the money grievances. As the farmers could not make their payments for their land they found that they could not sell their produce at a profit and the interest rates were rapidly rising,
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