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The revolution began and took shape through an organized army created by Haitians themselves. Document 5 is explaining a voodoo ritual that enabled the Haitians to select somebody to begin the revolution. They selected a man named Baukman who became chief of the Haitian revolution. The ritual itself was important since it shows that even though they were supposed to be Catholic, they continued to preform traditional African religious rituals such as voodoo. As seen in document 4, French army men such as Napoleon purposely tried to “enrage the black majority and provoke an even greater rebellion.” With this said, the Haitians managed to create a stronger army and with that continued the process of revolution. Document 6 shows us an image of actual actions taken against the French. The Haitian army actually managed to capture French soldiers and hung them as a symbol to the Haitians power during this revolution. Document 7 is the actual proclamation of independence in Haiti. This document is not like those of North America or France, it's unique in wording. The point of view of the author of the declaration, Jean Jacques Dessalines, is from a Haitian himself declaring their independence from France and on his mind are the words written in the document; the words that are making them free from their mother country. This proclamation mentions the French themselves as barbarous and inhumane when it came to government. It also proclaims that they would leave France in peace from that moment in, most likely to prevent any future wars. Finally, in document 9 we can see a connection between North America and Haiti during the Haitian revolution. Through this secondary source, the document tells us about Jefferson's reaction to the Haitian revolution. It says he was “terrified of what was happening in Saint Domingue.” Jefferson then closed all communication networks between

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